I’m author and lead of the Open Source project Prowler used for AWS security. Prior to that, I worked for Amazon Web Services as Senior Security Consultant and Senior Security Engineer for 2 years. Before of that, I worked for Alfresco Software as Senior Security Architect, Lead of Security Operations, Product Security, Principal Solutions Engineer and Training (yeah, I did a lot of things in almost 10 years!). I also used to work for Systems Integrator and a Security consultancy doing a variety of tasks all of them related to Systems Administration, Security, Networking, Training and Open Source related projects.

My blog is (you may know that already), where I write from time to time. During this time I have done some things for security and the Open Source community like phpRADmin, Nagios plugin for Alfresco, Alfresco BART (backup tool), Alfresco Backup and Disaster Recovery White Paper, Alfresco Security Best Practices Guide, Alfresco data leak prevention tools, and some others. You can find my course about AWS Data Security that I wrote for PacktPub here and about Cloud Forensics here (in Spanish). I also helped to write these books: Building a Home Security System with BeagleBone (PacktPub 2013), Icinga Network Monitoring (PacktPub 2013) and Troubleshooting CentOS 7 (PacktPub 2015).

I know few things about Linux, Security, AWS, Sizing and Architecture, Docker, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, Storage, forensics, virtualization, automation and configuration management, hardening IT systems and I like to learn, teach and do public talks.

Started my career when I was only 18 years old, building and fixing PCs in a world plenty of WinNT and 95, so I didn’t/couldn’t go to college but as a self-taught person, I love what I do. I put passion in all what I’m involved and I enjoy every minute learning new technologies and its security.